Graphic Design

Great design builds.... brand recognition, enhances memorable experiences, and inspires action.

art Cobra Our creative team develops integrated environments where structural design flows seamlessly with graphic displays for a cohesive visual event. Arresting design draws the casual prospect into your space — and, once within, the creative graphic element keeps them locked onto your marketing message and delivers sales results. 
art Winchester3 CEP employs state-of-the-art graphics production processes that can transfer high-fidelity images onto virtually any substrate, from lightweight fabric to high-tech laminate. Graphics can be extrapolated from existing marketing materials or created from your marketing vision for use on banner stands, panel displays, wide-output murals, and collateral materials. 
art maui Our cost-sensitive designers keep an eye to flexibility and interchangeability — and ease of transport and setup — so you get the most for your budget. CEP can address virtually any design challenge, whether a complete graphics solution for your exhibit, a refurbishment to an existing display, or a last-minute repair—so that you deliver a powerful visual message to your target audience.